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Patriot Node offers blazing-fast website hosting completely off-shore, allowing you the privacy for your needs!

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PatriotNode Services

Adaptability and scalability is just a few professional services that PatriotNode offers to all of our patriot customers!

Private Web Hosting

Are you interested in hosting a blog or an online information site with privacy in mind? Our private web hosting allows you to publish your free speech portal off-shore!

P2P FTP Hosting

Google Bots following you? We offer dedicated and encrypted P2P FTP hosting. All files are encrypted fully, with end to end PGP keys and our own proprietary hash-encryption algorithm.

Community Hosting

Does your community need a place to communicate safely? Our higher-end community hosting packages allows you to host your private community off-shore!

Mission-Critical Hosting

Planning on growing to the national level? Our mission-critical hosting allows for redundant servers and our content network to host your site no matter what happens!

Our Promise To You

Patriots like you need transparency and reliability. We promise that your data is safe with us and our off-shore hosting partner. We have a proven track record of uptime and deployment times!

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not pleased with your service, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee! We are so confident that you will be happy with our private hosting services!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our uptime has been proven to beat the majority of all other off-shore hosting providers. Our content network acts as a redundant server in case of an unplanned outage.

24/7 Support

Do you hate calling technical support when your site is offline, only to find no one answers? We have staff dedicated just for you to answer any questions you may have!

PatriotNode Features

Many hosts promise to offer you all these freebies and “offers”, only to find out the next month you’re being billed for those “offers”.

Secured Hosting

Our network and servers are hosted off-shore, meaning that your data and privacy are in the hands of true Patriots. Post confidently with PatriotNode and never fear that someone is watching

Backups & Storage

All of our platform servers are equipped with hardware RAID NVMe storage options. This means that in the event of possible data loss or corruption, your data has been reserved in a backup location.

24 / 7 Live Support

Whether it is a small issue or a major meltdown, our techs are available at all times of the day and night to provide you with world-class technical support, minus all the “hoopla”!

Worldwide locations

Our proprietary content delivery network (CDN) allows for the scalability of hosting your content in numerous locations worldwide, providing a safer and more reliable hosting experience.

Affordable Prices

Patriots don’t scam other Patriots! Why pay for private web hosting elsewhere when you can shop locally and get better service? Our track record has been proven time and time again to choose PatriotNode.

14-Day Refund Guarantee

If you are not happy with our service within 14-days of the original purchase, we will gladly refund you the full amount you paid! We are extremely confident you will be happy with our top-notch service!